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Thank you for helping us grow!



We are SO EXCITED that our Kickstarter Campaign was successfully funded!  

Thanks to YOU we raised over $6000!

This money:
- completed our bathroom, & shower
- installed water fountains
- bought floors for pre-existing bathroom
- bought floors for hallway (to replace carpet)

Now we are tackling the next projects:
Improve Air Conditioning:
- Studio A new unit ($550, actual)
- Studio A ductwork ($1500, actual)
- New programmable interface ($250, estimate)
- Studio C install overhead fan ($250, estimate)
- install floors in old bathroom ($300, estimate)
- install floors in hallway ($300, estimate)
- install filter in water fountain ($250, estimate)

After that... we have a WALL to build in C, but, one step at a time...

Consider donating... you will be contributing to an entire community of inspiration, making it possible for us to grow and fill our space (most classes are only 1/2 full to capacity)

Meanwhile, check out our fun videos below, thanks to Dabney who did the videography, editing, and made us look just as silly and fun as we are in real life!

Thank you again, we ALL thank you!


Give, and Get Back!

Any amount - recognition on our website, below!

$50 donation - choice of belly dance CD

$100 donation - private lesson with Johanna, refine your yoga alignment OR your dancing!  We can do Skype or FaceTime, too!

$200 donation - one of our *new* fabulous Hip Ex shirts, designed by ShockT!

Our arts community owes so much to those who have helped along the way!  We wanted to give shout-outs to many of you who have donated... time, money, beautiful things, useful things... including our latest Kickstarter fund which gave us enough money to finish our 2nd bathroom!

Here are some AWESOME peeps...

Dr. Marguerite Barnett
John & Sandy Fraser
Alex & Chrys Krynytzky
Joan Grano
April Alexander
Mindy Tryon
Stacie Ysidro
Hazel Pankhurst
Brandy Hartman
Kimberly Freed
Tsero Nutsyws
Tina Vasa
Chris Geyer
Teresa Jimenez
Elizabeth Canning
Robert L Tarnay
Melissa Black
Christine Stineman
Shari Layne
Rachel McNeil
Darcy Gootson
Inessa Meyerovich
Karen Sun Ray Coletti
Rebecca Slingwine
Antoinette Leake
Carrie Matteoli
Joyce Conley 
Colleen Downey
Stephanie Alaimo
Willie Roth
Lucinka Zyla
Anca Geana
Rose Stauffer
Therese Grandlienard
Christine Rives
Dabney Williams
Terry Freed
Marwa Jean
Jennifer Cudney
Omaris Dance
Ricky Roberts III
Teri Plumridge
Mo Sheedy
Jenny Shea
Melia O'Neal
Jim Janolek
Barbara Price
Natalie Cetrulo
Stefan Vötter
John Mazzello
Rebecca Skelton
Sid Simpson
Brenda Harmon Konow
Jan Harmon
Susan Brown
Sandra Gilbert
Elliz Modéle
Rhonda Carpenter
Carmine Guida
Susan Butzke
Qinghong Wei
Scott Alex
Judith Satinsky
Dana Leota
Cumie from DEEPWAVE Tribal Fusion
Kaylee Goldhammer
Larissa Smith
Tila Topaz
Evelyn Tosi
Kathleen Pirro



Our mission is to nurture a joyful, creative community, welcoming every body to explore self-development through movement arts.


By graceful alignment of mind, body, and heart, we cultivate friendliness, compassion, inspiration, and equanimity. We promise a creative experience for every spirit.

Our classes, performances, and events, invite well-being, cultivate self-expression, and encourage personal fulfillment.

Come deepen your connection to bliss, release stress, and connect with others who value these same principles!  Welcome to the family!

Dance - Inspire - Transform
Be Strong, Be Sexy, Belly Dance!
Dance & Movement for Every Body!



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2033 54th Ave. N

St Petersburg, FL 33714


PHONE :  727.251.5241