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Work-Study/Volunteer Program ~ Be Part of the Team!


Thanks for your interest in being part of the Hip Expressions community!  Our community exists only with our growth, and that can only happen with the your help.  Our Team supports our mission, to offer inspiration through our classes and performances, and we look forward to having you join in our artistic venture!  

We have several work-study/volunteer opportunities available for the right person to fill the position. 
These include four main categories:

1. Front Desk: Being helpful and friendly with everyone who walks through our door, and using our computer sales system to handle transactions, registrations, and sales, during classes, workshops, & performances.

2. Show Staff: Help make our show run smoothly!  Lights, Sound, Set-Up, Breakdown, Video, & Raffle are a few of the positions.

3. Street Team: Distributing flyers for events and classes, soliciting donations for raffle prizes. We have a list of locations (salons, boutiques, coffeeshops, etc) but you can add to the list.  Flyer drop-off is tracked through updating a GoogleDoc with locations and dates visited.  Remuneration is $10 per five locations served, and is added to your MindBody Account upon submittal of dates and locations visited.  Same location can be visited once per month.

4. Specialty: You tell us what you have to offer!

If you are interested, here are the procedures:

1. Submit Application

2. Our staff will contact you to schedule a One-on-One Interview

3. Attend a training/shadow a position if applicable.  This may take a few sittings depending on which job.

4. Sign up to help!  Marcy is our Work-Study/Volunteer Coordinator, will be your contact, & she sends out positions available as needed.  To maintain ‘active’ status and avoid having to re-training, please sign up to help at least once a month.  If you can NOT make a position you have signed up for, it is your responsibility to let us know ASAP - we book these positions weeks in advance and are COUNTING on you to fill critical positions.  If you are unsure if you can commit then please let us know when you are sure.  We have a FaceBook group for our staff and we expect you to check it regularly.


Integrity and communication are critical principles in participation.  We follow the Four Agreements:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don't make assumptions

3. Try your best

4. Don't take anything personally

Above all, we value communication, organization, and a positive attitude!  Our job is to offer inspiration with *every* interaction, as we share our mission with the world!

Thanks for offering to add your energy to our mission and help us grow!

Johanna ‘Xenobia’ DeShazo, Owner & Director,, 727.459.8558

Marcy Skiff, Studio Manager & Work-Study Coordinator,, 727.512.9079







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