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Evelyn Tosi

Evelyn Tosi is a professional dancer and instructor classically trained in jazz, ballet, modern and belly dance. Her professional career spanning 20 + years has included a variety of performances from live theater to the "silver screen". Coming from a family of educators she eventually realized she loved to teach as well and has taught in almost every city in which she has lived and/or performed. She has enjoyed teaching a wide range of ages, levels and styles. 

Evelyn Tosi instructs the following:
  • Jazz (Intermediate)
  • This class is ballet-based jazz, perfect for anyone who has dance experience.  It moves quickly through technique, footwork, and extensive warm-up much like barre drills.  These exercises build your muscle memory for beautiful lines, keeping arms and legs and posture from falling into sloppy patterns when you are in the moment of performance - busy expressing yourself! 
    Stretching and strengthening exercises move you through arm and leg positions, work the core, balance, and posture.  Moving across the floor focusing on technique and form build into a combination that brings together your drills for consistent and disciplined form.
    The dance combinations are based on Evelyn's personal style of dance, allowing the dancer to explore the emotional side of their dance personality while continuing to hone their strength and technique.
    Spring Session: April/May:
    Work on some beautiful and feel-good lyrical choreography! A little romance, sensuality,a nd some 'drama' thrown in for self-expression.