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Kimberly Freed

Kimberly’s belly dance journey began in 1999, when she began studying classic Egyptian style with Deirdre Hamlett in Sarasota. In 2001 she attended a workshop with Jill Parker and was introduced to American Tribal Style (ATS) which started a whole new love affair with belly dance for her. In 2002, she discovered Johanna’s classes and was performing with Loud Zoo just a few months later. She loves the classic Egyptian style which she first learned, and also has a passion for Tribal Fusion and Fire Fusion which she was introduced to in 2005.  Along her dance journey, she has learned how to play zills, doumbek, and the quarkabeb. She started teaching at Hip Expressions in 2004 and enjoys sharing her passion and joy for belly dance with new students or anyone that is interested…..careful she’ll talk your ear off if you get her started!
Her aptitude with words and quick thinking skills have served her well as she is a silver-tongued emcee at Hip Expressions monthly 1001 Nights show and other events.
Born with an innate flare for style and visual aesthetic, Kimberly also works as a Paramedical Aesthetician. She enjoys working on her students as clients, with make-up, facials, and other aesthetician services at the Spa at Hip Expressions in St Pete and also in Tierre Verde. Though her students find her friendly and encouraging, Kimberly commands the stage when she enters with her impeccable posture and dramatic presence.
You can catch her performing most Friday and Saturday nights at Istanblu Turkish Restaurant in Ybor City, and at St Petersburg Nights Russian Restaurant in St Pete Beach.

Kimberly Freed instructs the following:
  • Belly Dance for Beginners
  • Are you brand-new to belly dance and need a place to start? Or have you belly danced before but would like a solid refresher? In this twelve week course, we'll go through all the isolations that are the building blocks of the dance, and drill drill drill! You'll also get an overview of the history of belly dance, and the different styles that it has evolved into today. You'll be able to take any of our belly dance classes with the confidence that you have a great foundation upon which to build.
    We'll also discuss proper posture, alignment, and a brief intro to the anatomy of the dance so that you can execute these moves safely and strongly. Brief yoga principles will begin and end every class so that you have lengthened and warmed your muscles properly. You'll learn how to approach learning this dance form and challenge yourself, with warm self-acceptance as a beautiful, unique person, dancer, and spirit. Join us with an open heart and mind, passionate readiness, and joyful attitude!
    Will you have mastered the dance after twelve weeks? No. Will you be ready to enjoy the journey of exploring this magical art form? Yes!
    Every Body Welcome.

    March 9 - May 25 (12 weeks)

    $144, $120 by March 2
    (Hip Ex Members 10% of at the door price) 

    *Please note, this course rotates topics, so each time it's slightly different so that you can continue to learn new things as a beginner!


  • RakFit
  • Enjoy an hour of belly dance inspired cardio moves mixed with pilates / yoga inspired core work. Learn belly dance fundamentals, burn calories, work your core, and have fun just dancing it out!

    'Raqs' - meaning dance, dancing in Arabic

    'Fit' - the wonderful healthy feeling we get when we take care of ourselves :)